1,000 Cranes

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The Young Peacemaker’s Club at Lancaster has been busy for the last several weeks producing 1000 cranes, which they have sent to Japan for the Children’s Peace Monument and the August 6 remembrance of the dropping of the bomb.  Thousands upon thousands of these cranes will arrive from all over the world as peace minded people join together in the wish for a world without nuclear war.  The base of the monument is inscribed:

This is our cry, this is our prayer: For building peace in the world.

Cranes-1   Cranes-2

I know all of the violent events in our country have saddened us, caused a great deal of worry and concern and made many feel a loss of hope.  May the symbols shown below – the cross, which turns bad news into good news – and the cranes, representing a small movement that keeps growing and adds people to the cause each year, be symbolic of the hope which still prevails.  May we each – individuals and congregations – do our own version of 1000 cranes to bring peace into the lives of others.



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