Additional information Pastor/CFO meetings

I’ve received some questions and comments from my previous emails, so
here’s a bit more information.

We don’t necessarily need to cease work on any pending capital
projects.  For  example, we were already planning for a new roof on the
CB lodge and we’re still proceeding with permission to do this. We’re
also planning a new handicap accessible family bathroom at camp and we
will work on getting approval for this, too. Your congregation can still
go through this process, as well.

We are still bound by the “Process for A Church-Wide Pause on Capital
Projects” policy, which has been in effect for at least a year or more
and has been discussed at our Pastor meetings. You can read this process
by going to the website and
under Resources click on Process for Pause…

Also, don’t forget the necessity of obtaining  proper insurance
certification for any projects in advance of approval. The policy may
be accessed at

I’d like to correct a statement I made on my email,  where I stated that
all …MCFOs prior to Gary were covered by the church retirement plan.
Kirk Cross was primarily a volunteer when he served in this  capacity
and he is not receiving any retirement from the church.

Finally, please check the church website for Steve Veazey’s sermon at
the closing service of world conference.  He provides some Words of
Counsel at the conclusion of his sermon for the benefit of the church.



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