CB Service Camp: May 11-17

Pastors, Communications contacts and CFO’s:

We’ve been posting the event but below is the actual list  of work needing to be done during work week May 11-17. Please let members and friends know in case there are particular items folks might be interested in  doing.



I am loving this wonderful weather. I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy it too. I wanted to email a list of things we are going to try to work on during Service Camp. This way people can come prepared with tools, clothing, etc., that might help in the process. Please announce and post this list if possible. Service Camp is May 11-17th.  Thanks for all your help!


Move an air conditioner out of Cabin 3 and a new one into it.

Clean all cabins

Split logs

Finish putting up RFP paneling in kitchen

Put down flooring in staff bedroom

Open and clean bathhouses

Paint Rest Room stall doors (youth have signed up to do this)

Pick up large sticks in Blue Ash, mow and weed eat it

Build a 9 square game

Clean out the Sports room

Fix a hole in the wall in the 4-plex bathroom

Put down new linoleum in the guest minister side RR in 4-plex

Weed Peace Patio

Trim low hanging tree limbs


Weed Eat

Clean refrigerators/walk-ins

Finish putting rails on beds

Repair/replace gable ends on old bath house


Bountiful Blessings,

Connie Altman

Bountiful Mission Center President



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