COVID-19 Update

WOMC Pastors and CFO’s:

Some of you have asked about church closings, gatherings, etc., regarding the church position. In case you didn’t already receive the message below I’m forwarding it on.  Essentially, in Ohio, we are under no restrictions as none of our congregations fall into the sizes mentioned; however, I know Grove City is closing next Sunday and we cancelled Jr Hi retreat for this weekend.
Given many of our members, at least in some congregations, fall into the high risk category for COVID, you may want to be informed by that consideration.
Please keep me advised if your congregation will be closed.  CFO’s, please consider advising members how they might continue to tithe in times such as these.
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COVID-19 and the Church

World church leaders continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19, now officially classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. We want to ensure Community of Christ leaders worldwide are taking measures to keep people safe when the church gathers.

Protocols for Gathering

  • If your local government has given instructions about social gathering or canceling worship, please follow those guidelines.
  • If no specific instructions have been given in your community, use available sources to monitor the situation in your area to make appropriate decisions about gathering or canceling where the risk of infection may be high.
    • Congregational leaders should consult with their Mission Center President and Field Apostle in making decisions.

Credible Information Sources

Information about the COVID-19 pandemic is everywhere. It is important to use official health department sources when making decisions. Several key websites are listed below.

World church leaders will continue to monitor the situation and how it may impact operations in the future. Ongoing updates will continue for Community of Christ staff regarding travel and operations at International Headquarters and historic sites.

Leaders are also considering how the outbreak may affect various large events that will occur in the coming months such as camps, reunions, Eurotribe, and Spectacular. Additional information will be shared if cancellation decisions are made.


The Kirtland Temple historic site will be closed for 3 weeks in coordination with local school district closures. The situation will be reevaluated at that time.

This information and further updates will be available at

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