Please see HERE a list of the questions being  asked by pastors across the country as congregations are considering reopening. The majority of these questions have already been posed to me by some  of you but I thought it might be helpful for each of you to see all of them. Lancaster is the only congregation which has reopened in the mission center but I know some of you want to have some outdoor gatherings and this also addresses these.

We are reminded that some congregations who have already been reopened may, due to a significant increase in COVID 19 cases,  no longer meet the criteria to remain  open. This is also addressed in the attached. Each of you may have your own source of information to check and re-check the  trends in your area, but here’s  a possible tool you can use:

There are some additional guidelines for congregations that allow outside groups to use the building but as far as I know Middletown is the only congregtion who is hosting  such a group.  If you need it, let me know.

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