Daily Bread Feb. 3

Remain a Moment Longer…
By Gary Piper of Fort Gratiot, MI, USA

And blessed are all peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. —3 Nephi 5:56

I remember the infancy days of my journey with Jesus. I wanted to see him for myself. I thought, “Seeing is believing, isn’t it?” So one night I prayed something like this, “Jesus, if you are real then stand in front of me and introduce yourself.” (It’s okay if you laugh; I didn’t at the time because I was serious. But now, in my maturity, I laugh.) Obviously, I’ve never seen Jesus. But over the past 40+ years he repeatedly jumps out of the scriptures and into my life. His reality is more obvious with each passing day.

I often get envious of those who lived long ago and had the opportunity to see him firsthand. They saw him heal people and heard him preach and teach. They were there as he stood up to the opposition. Then history reminds me that some of those who witnessed him in action also killed him. My faith reminds me in many ways I have seen the peacemaker Jesus, heard him, witnessed his compassion, and felt his forgiving love—in the lives of the peacemakers around me.

For some, today will be a new path on their current Jesus journey. For others, today will be a fresh start. Once we are back on the road, we will kneel as Christ did in the garden of Gethsemane. We ask to be free of impending burdens only to be strengthened beyond what we thought were the limits of our endurance.

Remain a moment longer…and experience intimacy with the Divine. During the tough times we learn the depth of compassion, the strength of love, and the power of peace. We grow spiritually and come to know Jesus.

Prayer for Peace

Leader of our journey, thank you for our peacemaker companions through whom we know Jesus.

Spiritual Practice: The Jesus Prayer of Mercy

The Jesus Prayer is an ancient spiritual practice from Orthodox Christianity. It is a way of connecting with the gracious Spirit of Christ as we ask to receive his mercy. The prayer comes from the scripture of the blind man calling Jesus to heal him. Silently enter prayer and let your breath become slow and even. Greet God and then take up the prayer phrase: Lord, Jesus Christ (as you breathe in),…have mercy on me (as you breathe out). Prayerfully repeat these words for several minutes (or forty times). Breathe the presence of Christ into your mind, heart, and body. Be transformed as you receive the compassionate, peaceful heart of Jesus.

Peace Covenant

Today, God, I will not turn away at the sound of silence, but will remain a moment longer and listen with my heart.

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