Daily Bread July 07

We Are One, We Are Many

[Excerpted from “We Are One, We Are Many,” Sharing in Community of Christ, 4th Edition, Herald House, 2018, pp. 70-71]

(This document was created during the 2004 International Leaders’ Meeting. It was read by a group at the 2004 World Conference as a reflection of the unity and diversity found within Community of Christ. It continues to offer a comprehensive view of the various expressions of the church throughout the world.)

You who are my disciples must be found continuing in the forefront of those organizations and movements which are recognizing the worth of persons and are committed to bringing the ministry of my Son to bear on their lives. -Doctrine and Covenants 151:9

Worth of Persons
We are one in our belief in the worth of every person and the value of every soul in God’s sight. All are called to develop their gifts for service to Christ and to others.

We value the cultures and languages of others, but we fight barriers that divide us along lines of caste, class, gender, race, nation, and age. We see all members of Community of Christ as brothers and sisters. Our names are known by God. We greet each other as family even if we have never been introduced.

We are free to think for ourselves, to strive for tolerance and acceptance of those who are different from us. We are included. We are not just another drop in the ocean of humanity, not just another face in the crowd. God has called us into unique relationships.

Worship and Sacraments
We are one in our belief in the power of the sacraments and our encounter with God through worship.

We are many in our practices. In some places, shoes are left at the doors and we worship with bare feet. In other places we wear polished loafers and high-heeled sandals. Men and women sometimes sit apart, sometimes together. Some sing their theology while others recite, read, and preach the gospel. Some pray in silence, some pray with partners, and others pray in a cacophony of voices that unify in praise and petition. We meet for exactly an hour, or until the Spirit tells us we are finished. The blood of Christ is grape juice, coconut milk, caramelized water, or orange soda. The body of Christ is wheat, rye, corn, and rice, but we all take upon ourselves the name of Christ and remember him, that we may have his Spirit to be with us.

Prayer Phrase

Let your world of beauty capture me.

Spiritual Practice

Growing a Gracious, Generous Heart

Open your heart to God’s grace and generosity with a “breath prayer.” Let your breathing slow and deepen. Be aware of God’s breath moving in and out of your heart. Spend several minutes focusing on breathing in God’s generosity. With each breath, silently name one gift for which you are thankful. Let your heart expand to contain God’s gracious outpouring of love. With each breath out, name one gift you want to share from the overflow of your heart.

Today’s Prayer for Peace

Engage in a daily practice of praying for peace in our world. Click here to read today’s prayer and be part of this practice of peace.

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