Daily Bread June 06

Broken and Flawed and Willing to Witness
Katie Barber of McKinney, TX, USA

You are a good and faithful people, but sometimes you fail to see the power that is resident in your own story and fellowship. Look carefully, listen attentively, and sense the Spirit among you. Do not be unduly concerned with numbers. Be fervent in your witness, passionate in your discipleship, and vigorous in your labor on behalf of peace and justice. Where two or three such disciples form community, there will the Spirit be. Many will come to see. -Doctrine and Covenants 162:8a-b

At Christmastime, one of the wise men from my nativity scene was smashed to bits. I saved all the pieces, because I felt like the scene would seem incomplete with just two wise men.

Finally, I sat down with the fragments and began to piece them in place with glue. It was quickly apparent that some pieces were never going to go back together perfectly. Several times I looked at this mess of a wise man and almost threw him away. But each time I was tempted to toss him, I stopped myself and went back to work.

When I finished reassembling him as best I could, I looked at my wise man. One arm had gaping holes in the glass and his scars were obvious. I looked at his face. I looked at the gift in his hand. I saw myself. The wise man and I shared some similarities: cracks, flaws, brokenness.

My entire ministry is based on making sure others know their worth. Despite any brokenness and imperfection they see in themselves, the gifts they bring are powerfully important and precious. In contrast, there are many times when I see my flaws and shortcomings that I want to throw myself away, like the broken wise man.

I am keeping my broken wise man to remind me of myself as I come before God and you, broken and flawed yet bearing my gift in love and gratitude and humility.

Beloved friends, I pray God will bless you with a deepening awareness of your inestimable worth, that you will never doubt you were created with great purpose. May you never hesitate to share your gifts and love with everyone you meet. Be bold, my friends, in your witness!

Prayer Phrase

God bless the spaces between us.

Spiritual Practice

Tears of Compassion

Offer a silent prayer for the gift of God’s compassion. Cup your hands and ask God to make you aware of the suffering that causes the Earth and its inhabitants to groan and weep. Be open to faces or places, sounds or voices, feelings of connection with those who suffer. Imagine catching the tears of those you see and holding them in your hands. Listen for prayer images or words God may give you. Discern any active responses of ministry or healing you sense invited to complete for those who weep.

Today’s Prayer for Peace

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