Daily Bread June 16

Muhammad Ali: a Passion for Charity
By Lu Mountenay of Independence, MO, USA

When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God. —Mosiah 1:49

I would that you should impart of your substance to the poor, everyone according to that which he has, such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, and administering to their relief, both spiritually and temporally, according to their wants. —Mosiah 2:43 adapted

I just got this note from HealthEd Connect:

“HealthEd Connect joins those around the world who are honoring Muhammad Ali for his passion and commitment to charitable organizations and causes. Mr. Ali was honorary chair of the World of Children Awards the year Dr. Sherri Kirkpatrick was recognized for her work with Community Health Workers. He will long be remembered for his commitment to elevating the lives of those in need. He fought the good fight with passion.”

I feel just as this larger-than-life personality promoted worthwhile causes, we can humbly respond to the needs of others with just as much passion. Ali and millions of others worship a God called Allah who calls for compassion. Jehovah calls for our compassion as well. Is there someone in whose memory you would like to make a charitable donation?

Prayer for Peace

Compassionate God, people cry to you in many languages. Poverty knows no borders. May our acts of generosity be boundless and never-ending. May we never stop working for justice and peace.

Spiritual Practice: Many Names of God

In many languages, God’s name contains the sound “Ahhh,” a sound we make when we are breathing out or sighing. Our prayer will use the Ahh names for God with a gentle arm movement that opens us to God’s presence. Begin with hands in front of you at chest level and move them up and in a large arc or circle as you breathe out each name for God. You may either speak the name of God or find a single musical note to hold or chant as you sing God’s name. Pray or sing each name several times as you call on the God of many names: Yahweh, Adonai, Jehovah, Yeshua, Sophia, Allah, Alpha, Omega, Abba. Say or sing “Amen” to close.

Peace Covenant

Today, God, I will stretch my compassion far and wide.

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