Daily Bread June 30

Nudged by the Spirit
Cheryl Saur of Saint Charles, MO, USA

When we spiritually connect to Jesus Christ and his community of disciples, our future becomes more than an extension of our past. New perspectives, possibilities, and networks of relationships emerge that alter the quality, direction, and priorities of our lives! -President Stephen M. Veazey, “Discover Your Future,”  World Conference, April 13, 2019

At the beginning of each day and after breakfast, we sit in our chairs sipping coffee or tea. At this time, we also put on gloves designed with special nubs for brushing our pets. These nubs capture any excess or loose hair as well as massage the skin of our pet. We have two cats who attempt to hurry us each morning from upstairs, down to the breakfast table, and then to our chairs for this most important ritual of brushing. This is truly the start of their day. In anticipation of this event, no matter where we are in our own morning preparations, they follow us, stare at us, meow insistently to nudge us toward the stairs for the trip down. This gentle nudging begins as soon as our feet touch the floor each morning.

During this time of physical separation and confinement to our homes for health and safety reasons with the COVID-19 pandemic, we must intentionally open ourselves to the gentle nudging of the Spirit. Breathe in God’s grace and love…feel it move through your lungs to the very core of your being. Notice what invitations surface with each intake and outflow of breath. Sit a while with the Spirit coursing through you…to those around you…and to those who are in your community. In this space you will discover new and refreshing ways to reconnect socially and spiritually, even during our separation. This awareness is what brings joy to my heart and soul when physical hugs are absent.

May we continue to rest in the grace and love of our God and continue to follow the example of Jesus, the peaceful one.

Prayer Phrase

God bless the spaces between us.

Spiritual Practice

Tears of Compassion

Offer a silent prayer for the gift of God’s compassion. Cup your hands and ask God to make you aware of the suffering that causes the Earth and its inhabitants to groan and weep. Be open to faces or places, sounds or voices, feelings of connection with those who suffer. Imagine catching the tears of those you see and holding them in your hands. Listen for prayer images or words God may give you. Discern any active responses of ministry or healing you sense invited to complete for those who weep.

Today’s Prayer for Peace

Engage in a daily practice of praying for peace in our world. Click here to read today’s prayer and be part of this practice of peace.

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