Daily Bread May 21

Generational Graduation
By Cathy Loving of Independence, MO, USA

Listen to its teachings and discover anew its principles. Do not yearn for times that are past, but recognize that you have been given a foundation of faithful service, even as you build a foundation for what is yet to be. —Doctrine and Covenants 162:2b

My family recently experienced passing the torch from one generation to the next. With my mother-in-law’s death, her sons and daughters (of which I am one) became the senior generation.

Upon becoming a member of this senior generation, I thought I might feel a bit wiser, perhaps more tolerant, or at least smarter. I must report none of those attributes magically descended on me. Maybe we only gain them over a lifetime. Did they all pass me by?

I thought my grandmother was wise, tolerant, and smart. I’m sure she would say she was not. Perhaps that’s the key— being humble and letting go of pride. It is important to admit one is always ignorant of some things, judgmental of what we fear, or just plain foolish. It takes a lifetime to find a glimmer of wisdom, tolerance, and knowledge.

My mother-in-law set a fine example for me to follow. With the help of God, it’s time to graduate to the wise generation!

 In my mind, a thousand doors
 are opened unto learning.
 But still closed, ten thousand more
 where desire is ever burning.
 Place your hand upon the latch,
 give wisdom from your store.
 For I shall always hunger,
 so teach me, teach me more!
     —Peggy Michael

Prayer for Peace

God of generations past and people yet to be, thank you for the shoulders we stand on. Thank you for the hope of the future. May we stand as worthy bridges between the two. May we be disciples discovering new ways to peace.

Spiritual Practice: Teacher–Learner

The first disciples of Jesus followed to hear his teaching, to learn a new way of living, and to practice what they learned in daily life. Prayerfully consider your role as a teacher–learner, disciple–apprentice, a people cultivator in Community of Christ. In your journal, write the names of several people you discern as teachers or mentors and several you feel called to nurture and encourage in specific ways. Ask for God’s blessing on you and your congregation as a community of learners.

Peace Covenant

Today, God, I will take a seed of wisdom remembered from the past and let it bloom in my life.

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