Daily Bread November 15

God Touched My Heart
Julie Conway-Sword of Gainesville, FL, USA

In Him we live and move and have our being. -Acts 17:28

It was just a routine check, or so I thought, at the dermatologist’s office. To my shock I emerged with a diagnosis of two basal cell carcinomas that needed in-office surgery. “That’s never happened to me before,” I said to the nurse. But then she helped me understand that it could stem from youthful sunbathing activities. “At 86?” I thought.

Then I sensed God starting to minister to me about this matter. A friend in my neighborhood prayer group offered her presence and transportation to and from the first surgery. When I thought to console myself with a dark chocolate, coconut haystack at the chocolate shop, the clerk shared her father’s recent similar experience, which he “sailed through,” she said. My older sister said, “Julie, I’ve been having these surgeries monthly for the last twenty years-they’re not a big deal!” I sensed God touching my heart all that day.

I think God was encouraging me to “touch someone else’s heart today, and every day!”

Pass It On

It only takes a spark to get a fire going
And soon all those around can warm up in the glowing
That’s how it is with God’s love once you’ve experienced it
You’ll spread His Love to everyone
You’ll want to pass it on.

-Kurt Kaiser, \xc2\xa9 1969 Bud John Songs, Inc.

Prayer Phrase

My ordinary life is a sacred place.

Spiritual Practice

Sacramental Living

“…our everyday ordinary lives are also sacred places, or put another way, the sacred place of our living. As dwellers within the Sacredness of Creation, there is potential to be aware and appreciate the holy within the ordinary. You may remember times when it felt like you were seeing the world through God’s eyes. That’s a good description for what it means to live sacramentally-to sense divine Spirit amid daily activities.” -Jane M. Gardner, “Sacramental Living,” September/October 2019 Herald, p. 5

How are you invited to live sacramentally today?

Today’s Prayer for Peace

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