Daily Bread October 22

My Mother’s Prayers
Grace Andrews of Independence, MO, USA

The Lord hears the prayer of the righteous… -Proverbs 15:29

It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for a drive. Two friends invited me to go with them and test out a new car. It was a convertible, and it was indeed wonderful to feel the wind blowing through my hair. We were laughing and talking and having a really great time. The driver headed for the low hills surrounding our town. There was no traffic on the road, and he began to speed up. I heard the other passenger say, “Why don\’t you see what it can do?” The car bolted forward, taking curves dangerously. Sitting between them, I watched the speedometer climb from 40 to 50 to 60 to 70 to 80 miles per hour. The wheels didn’t seem to be touching the pavement. The speedometer showed 90 miles per hour and was still climbing. I was petrified, unable to speak. My fellow passenger called out, “Come on, why don’t you take it back down now?” The gas pedal was released, and the car slowed to a normal speed. I realize many people are accustomed to high speeds, but I have never been one of them. I remember being unable to utter a sound on our return. They dropped me off at my house and said good night.

When I entered my home, my mother rose from her chair and came to me saying, “What happened?” Confused, I shook my head at her and said, “Nothing!” and marched past her to my bedroom. I lay awake long into the night, reliving the terrifying events of that evening.

The following morning, I was running late and tried to ignore her scrutinizing look as I dashed off for school. But I wondered, “What in the world was she so concerned about? She could not have known…or could she?”

Several years later, after I was married and had children of my own, Mom sat down with me one day and said, “I’d like to ask you a question if you wouldn’t mind telling me now. Several years ago, you came home after being out with friends, and you were white as a sheet. What happened to you that night?” My mind went back to that memory, and I told her about the incident. She quietly bowed her head and said, “I know. I was praying for you. I had fallen asleep on my bed when I was awakened, and I heard your frightened voice calling out to me. I quickly got up and ran to your bedroom, but your bed was empty. I thought, “Maybe it was a dream,” so I lay down again and tried to rest. But you called again even more urgently. Again, I walked through the house, but you were not there. I looked outside and called out to you, but there was no answer. After you called me a third time, I knelt down and prayed for you. I prayed for a long time that God would spare your life and bring you home to me. Not long after, I was relieved to have you come in the door, but I soon realized you were not ready to talk about it then. So, I have let it lie-until today, and I’m so glad you shared it with me and even gladder that God had heard my prayers and was protecting you.”

No power like it on earth; no treasure equal to its worth; the gift of my mother’s love.

Prayer Phrase

Let gratitude show you the way (Doctrine and Covenants Section 165:2b).

Spiritual Practice


Gratitude is an important spiritual practice that invites us to see all of life as a gift. We give thanks for our breath, the food we eat, people we love, and all that we have that truly matters. We remember that we are connected and sustained by a web of relationships with creation, God, and other people. Take time each day this month to practice giving thanks and to consider-for what am I most grateful?

Today’s Prayer for Peace

Engage in a daily practice of praying for peace in our world. Click here to read today’s prayer and be part of this practice of peace.

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