Daily Bread October 28

Judy Luffman of Redmond, OR, USA

Agree with God, and be at peace; in this way good will come to you. -Job 22:21

We were an appointee family for over 34 years, as my husband was a full-time minister for Community of Christ in the United States and several other nations. As you might suspect, we attended a LOT of church reunions (church family camps) during those years. We enjoyed experiences with folk from Maine to Virginia, from the Midwest to the Northwest, and several states in between. Each campground was unique and considered sacred space by those who assembled for camps, retreats, work days, and fun.

Now that we are retired, the expectation of attending reunion is different. It is entirely our choice. After the many years of service, we still choose to attend reunion. It is a time of renewal through worship, learning, and quiet reflection while surrounded by nature. It is a nurturing place where everyone’s children are cared for by lots of “aunts, uncles, and grandparents.” It is a welcoming place where meals are shared at table together.

If you are still part of the working world, you may wonder if it is worth it to take vacation days to attend reunion. Or if you are in the later years of your life, you may think that attending reunion is just for younger folk with kids. No matter your life situation, attending reunion is a wonderful investment of time and resources. The blessings of community, fellowship, formation, renewal, and fun await.

Prayer Phrase

“Attention is the beginning of devotion” (Mary Oliver).

Spiritual Practice

Holy Attention

Spend a few moments paying attention, wherever you are. Notice your surroundings. What draws your focus? Look more closely at detail and color. Notice what pulls or prods within you. How is the God-in-all-things speaking to you through what you see and feel right here, right now?

Today’s Prayer for Peace

Engage in a daily practice of praying for peace in our world. Click here to read today’s prayer and be part of this practice of peace.

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