Daily Bread September 05

Just as We Are
Donald V. Lents (July 23, 1953)

And he who is faithful shall overcome all things, and shall be lifted up at the last day. -Doctrine and Covenants 75:3d

An elderly gentleman, who was very nearsighted, prided himself on his ability as an art critic. On one occasion he was accompanying some friends through a large gallery and was seeking to display his fancied knowledge of pictures to those friends.

The old gentleman had left his glasses at home and was not able to see things very clearly. Standing before a large frame, he began to point out the inartistic features of the picture there revealed. “The frame,” he said, “is altogether out of keeping with the subject. And as for the subject itself (it was that of a man), it is altogether too homely; in fact, too ugly ever to make a good picture. It is a great mistake for an artist to choose so homely a subject for a picture if he expects it to be a masterpiece.”

The old gentleman was going on like this when his wife managed to get near enough to interrupt. She exclaimed, “My dear, you are looking into a mirror.” He was quite taken aback to realize that he had been criticizing his own face.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is such a mirror. It does not hide our deformities or shortcomings. It shows us just as we are, but we are no longer occupied with our old selves. We have truly become new creatures in Christ Jesus. It is when we get our eyes off Jesus Christ and become self-occupied or taken up with some lesser things that we begin failing in our tasks.

This month we are celebrating 70 years of Daily Bread. Each day we will be sharing Daily Bread stories from throughout the decades. You will notice that these stories reflect the language and theology of the time they were written. Our hope is that this act of sacred remembering will bless us with awareness of God’s movement throughout time and a renewed sense of God’s presence with us now! Consider joining this rich tradition of sacred story sharing by submitting your story here: https://www.CofChrist.org/daily-bread-writers-guide

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