GoFundMe: Camp Bountiful!

We are excited to share that our Go Fund Me page for Camp Bountiful fund raising is now live on Facebook.  I have included the link below in hopes you can get the word out to all of the congregations in the region (or even surrounding regions).


Some background info: Some of CB’s fans wanted to do something for the benefit of CB and came up with the Go Fund Me  idea. The Go Fund Me announcement was made a few days ago and has already resulted in over $2,000 in donations  for the campground.  I wanted to let you know of its availability so others who might like to assist in donating for upkeep and projects for the camp could do so.

For your information, we just incurred over $3000 in expenses for termite treatment in the lodge plus whatever cost will be necessary to replace the damaged walls in the kitchen.  This will most likely be above $1,000.




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