World Conference legislation discussions

Pastors, Communications and Conference Delegates:

We will have meetings at Grove City, 1255 Stringtown Road, and Beavercreek, 860  Grange Hall Road, congregations as follows.  These meetings are open to all, not just conference delegates. In fact, all are encouraged to attend.  Please publicize this in your congregations and invite all to come.  If some want to attend all three meetings, that’s fine.

Saturday, April 23, Grove City, 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  We’ll discuss both I-1, Mission, Tithing and Priesthood Response and additional legislation.

Tuesday, May 10, Beavercreek, 7:00 to 9:00 pm – I-1 Mission, Tithing and Priesthood Response
Tuesday, May 17, Beavercreek, 7:00 to 9:00 pm – Additional legislation (cancelled)

The discussion on I-1 will be done as a common consent practice at world conference, so we will follow this same pattern for our discussion.  This process is designed to offer options other than just “yes” or “no” and was very successful in previous conferences.

There are reading assignments for the I-1 discussion:  Doctrine & Covenants 42:8-10; 64:5a; 72:1-4; 106:1a; 126:10; 129:8; 147:5; 153:9; 162:7 and 163:9.  Please read all of these before the meetings, as they provide commentary on our tithing practices over the years.  For example, the comment I hear most often is our tithing has always been defined as one tenth of the increase; however, a reading of D&C 106 states that tithing is one tenth of the increase after we have given all of our surplus property to the bishop of the church.  As with all scripture, please read all of these with an eye to the context of the time and the situation of the church in which they were written.

Acting Presiding Bishop Stassi Cramm stated in the Q&A video that the world conference will have two common consent discussions on this proposal.  The first will be on the definition of tithing and the second will be on priesthood response.  The Bishopric and others will follow the discussions during these times and, based on their perception of the discussions, may offer an alternate piece of legislation to I-1. If this is done, the conference will be presented both I-1 and an alternative to choose between on the closing Saturday morning of conference.

We will not discuss all of the proposed legislation due to time constraints and the fact is some of the items don’t really need much discussion, such as time for the 2019 conference or listing older world conference legislation. I’ve had requests to discuss I-1, C-4, and G-1, 3 & 4.  That may be all we can cover in the time we have.



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