Book of Mormon E-Book

To staff in the USA, Canada, British Isles, and Australia

Community of Christ announced today that the Book of Mormon is now available as an e-book for Amazon devices and apps. It joins the church’s e-book offerings online and its publication is the result of a team effort that spanned several years. Published by Herald Publishing House, this $9.99 e-book is divided into sections and has an extensively linked topical index.

First published in 1830, the Book of Mormon is regarded as scripture by Community of Christ members and followers of the Latter-day Saint movement around the world. The Book of Mormon chronicles stories of ancient peoples migrating from the Near East to the Americas, their beliefs and instructions, wars and contentions, and revelations about righteous living. It testifies of Jesus Christ’s appearance in the Americas after his resurrection where he taught people about salvation, God, and peaceful living in harmony with biblical writings.  For those who hold this scripture sacred, the text supports the Biblical message that Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God.

Community of Christ President Stephen M. Veazey, who expressed his gratitude to everyone who played a role in completing this project, said, “When responsibly interpreted and faithfully applied, scripture provides divine guidance and inspired insight for our discipleship. By providing this e-book format, I am very hopeful that we can continue to share our sacred story with members, seekers, and students of religious history.”

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