Daily Bread July 27

Spectacular Spirit
Kathryn Jones of Kendrick, ID, USA

Again you are reminded that this community was divinely called into being. The spirit of the Restoration is not locked in one moment of time, but is instead the call to every generation to witness to essential truths in its own language and form. Let the Spirit breathe. —Doctrine and Covenants 162:2e

Sitting in the SPECTACULAR class of about 40 young teens, one girl stood to speak about her recent heartache. Her testimony related how she moved from asking, “Where is God?” to affirming “God is helping me through this” and “I am here at SPEC with my friends.”

As she tried to speak through her sobs, her testimony resonated with many other young people in the room. Their similar experiences bound them in spirit. As they found words of encouragement and support for one another, one could feel the healing Spirit of God breathing on this class.

It was our delegation’s turn to share a skit or testimony in action in front of the SPEC general assembly. Two young men stood in front of our group surrounded by the 70 people who had just witnessed their baptisms. Both young men tried to share their experience, but words would not come.

Their happy faces and tears of joy were a testimony of how turning their lives over to Christ affected them deeply. Suddenly, in the quiet of the moment when words were hard to speak, the audience of over 800 people stood and gave a standing ovation in recognition of this sacred occasion. The Holy Spirit breathed on this group of youth and staff in a moment when everyone was of one heart and one mind.

“Let the Spirit breathe.” Sometimes we allow ourselves to lower our expectation of God’s spirit. Individually and collectively, God promises comfort, truth, and the power of the Holy Spirit. When we feel the peace of the Holy Spirit, we feel the breath of God. Whether we sit in a large audience or at the kitchen table by ourselves, if we let the Sprit breathe on and in us, we are never alone in the joys or heartaches of life.

Prayer for Peace

Breathe upon us, O God, and we will let your Spirit permeate our beings. We will listen closely to what you call us to do. We will witness of the truths of justice and peace.

Spiritual Practice: Time with God

Sit quietly and let your breathing become calm and deep. Ask God’s Spirit to rest on you. See or sense the Spirit anointing you in the form of light, a dove, wind, color, or other images that might come. Ask to become aware of God’s love. Listen to the ways in which God wants to flow from your heart as living water. Give thanks that your name is “beloved,” that our name is Community of Christ.

Peace Covenant

Today, God, I will put young people at ease and listen to their stories.

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