Daily Bread Oct. 19

Don’t Be Shy…Follow Me
By Tianna of Chattanooga, TN, USA

Do not be discouraged. You have not been promised an easy path, but you have been assured that the Spirit that calls you will also accompany you. That Spirit is even now touching alive the souls of those who feel the passion of discipleship burning deeply within. Many others will respond if you are persistent in your witness and diligent in your mission to the world. —Doctrine and Covenants162:3

My church is an inviting church, and this makes me happy. Every Sunday celebration we bring an inviting jar to the front of the church. During the music, if you invited someone to church during the week, you pick up a pearl and drop it in the jar. If the people you invited come, you drop a bell in the jar.

Several jars are filled, but I never put anything in. I love Jesus, I love God, and I love my church, but I am so afraid of asking people or talking to people. Inviting and forgiveness are huge at my church. I think they were big deals for Jesus, too.

A few Sundays ago, like 80 people put a bell in the inviting jar—even kids smaller than me. Well, nobody knew this, but on that day I promised Jesus I would not be shy and I would ask someone to church. To get my promise over with as quickly as I could, that day I asked my cousin and my sister’s friend to come. They both said yes.

I felt brave after that and asked school friends and my dance teammates to come. They said yes. The next Sunday I got to put three bells and six pearls in the inviting jar. I was smiling so big even Pastors Jared and Daniel noticed.

The best part is now two of those I invited the first time are members of Community of Christ—Chattanooga style. This is why you cannot be shy. If you don’t invite, you cheat someone out of having more Jesus and a church to love them.

Peter, Matthew, and other apostles in the Bible never would have been apostles if Jesus was
too shy to invite them to come and follow him.

Prayer for Peace

All-inclusive God, help us be gregarious—friendly, and outgoing—inviting people so no one will feel left out. Help us speak up bravely for peace.

Spiritual Practice

Read and reflect on Doctrine and Covenants 162:3b and 163:2b. Pray to be aware of people who might be receptive to, and therefore blessed by, your sharing of the message of the Living Christ. Imagine being in relationship with them and inviting them to Christ. In preparation, discover your personal testimony of Christ. “Be persistent in your witness and diligent in your mission to the world.” Repeat this phrase throughout the day: “Christ’s mission, our mission, my mission.”

Peace Covenant

Today, God, I will realize what a big deal it is to invite someone to church or a peacemaking activity.

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