Daily Bread September 25

Anything but Ordinary
Zac Harmon-McLaughlin of Walnut Creek, CA, USA

You are called to create pathways in the world for peace in Christ to be relationally and culturally incarnate. The hope of Zion is realized when the vision of Christ is embodied in communities of generosity, justice, and peacefulness. -Doctrine and Covenants 163:3a

When I think of the word ordinary, I think of something that is insignificant or normal. However, I recently had an experience that radically reoriented my understanding of the ordinary.

We are blessed that our reunion is held just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. We decided to spend a whole afternoon at the beach, grill out for dinner, and then end our day with worship around the campfire while watching the sunset and the waves.

Toward the end of the campfire I was to share a few words-a small “charge,” if you will. I had prepared thoughts to try to get people excited and experience God. As the moment came near, however, my heart and eyes were feeling and seeing something different than I had prepared. I realized my words would fall short, so I simply asked people to sit in silence and notice God unfolding before us.

We watched and listened! The sun set into a magnificent orange and pink. Waves gently crashed on the sand filling the air with a symphony of noise. Birds of all kinds soared in the wind, singing their beautiful melodies. Whales spouted and breached as a symbol of the rich connectedness of God’s beloved creation. Children laughed and talked-cultivating Zionic living right before us. Even the small glow and crackle of the fire filled our senses with an understanding of the Holy.

This is what I learned. When you pay attention to God right before you-really notice the burning bush before you-you realize that all of these ordinary things-birds, waves, sunset, children-are anything but ordinary. They are sacred. They are holy. They are glimpses of God. They are extraordinary!

If you are looking for a secret formula to connect with God, this is it: pay attention and listen for that still, small voice. You will notice that everything in this world is God’s extraordinary and beloved creation, even you and me. You are beloved and extraordinary!

Prayer Phrase

“…all things in God and God in all things” (Mechthild of Magdeburg).

Spiritual Practice

Reflecting on Presence

Breathe deeply and become present to the Presence with you here and now. Take a few moments in the silence to reflect prayerfully on the following questions:

Where have you been aware of God’s presence in your life?
What is God’s invitation to you in this story?
How do you desire to be more open to God’s presence and invitation tomorrow?

Today’s Prayer for Peace

Engage in a daily practice of praying for peace in our world. Click here to read today’s prayer and be part of this practice of peace.

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