Celebrate Lillian Hallard Rockwell

Pastors and communications contacts:  See note below and attached for Lillian’s 100th birthday.  She may be the only 100 year old we have who still drives herself to church.


Subject: FW: Birthday notice Lillian Hallard Rockwell, Lancaster Congregation
From: Cheryl Payne <cptoys@columbus.rr.com>

Lillian was a wonderful Youth Camp Counselor, Life Guard and Swim Teacher all during my camping years. I have a feeling there will be many who remember her. She was also very instrumental in the construction of Camp Bountiful. She was there and help with the Shelter House Fire Place even. We have put a notice in local paper, and the Herald. But the Herald article was late so we are waiting to see when it comes out.


Please take a look at the party information here.

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