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2021 Camp Bountiful Camps

After consultation with several people, including the CB Board chair,
former camp directors and others, Candy and I have come to the decision
that we will cancel all Community of Christ summer camps for 2021.

The decision was not made lightly, but a combination of issues,
including distancing, ventilation of sleeping quarters, sanitation
requirements, dining concerns, safety with programs, availability of
directors and staff, medical personnel and other factors as identified
by the American Camping Association and Center for Disease Control made
cancellation the safest choice at this time. Decisions regarding fall
retreats will be made sometime during the summer.

We expect a decision on Spec to be made in May.

We realize the graduating seniors from 2020 and 2021 will have missed
their last opportunity to participate in Sr Hi camp. We hope to find a
way for a gathering for them once it is safe to meet again.



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World Conference 2022 delayed

After careful consideration of global pandemic recovery trends and consultations with field leaders and health professionals, the Community of Christ First Presidency has decided to delay 2022 World Conference until 2023.

Upholding our Enduring Principles in light of the collective information we have at this given time, it was wise to delay the next World Conference until delegates from around the world can safely travel, enter the USA, meet together, and return without contributing to community spread of COVID-19 or its emerging variants.

Read the full statement and Questions and Answers.

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“Easter is not canceled…”

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A Letter for this time

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Irresistible Revolution & Resurrecting Church – Aug 8

Hello everyone!
The Bountiful USA Mission Center will be hosting a virtual event with Shane Claiborne to discuss his work with “Irresistible Revolution” and “Resurrecting Church.” This event will be on Saturday, August 8 at 11:00AM. Shane will speak for about an hour or so and will spend 30-45 after that to allow questions/comments. I have attached a graphic that we made to advertise the event. Please share with those who you think might be interested in attending this event! I spoke to Shane on the phone and he is excited to meet with us! He is a really great guy who walks the walk. I hope to see you there!
This is the registration link!
Justin DeLong
Invitational Support Minister
Bountiful USA Mission Center

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Domestic Violence Zoom workshop Aug 23rd

Good Morning Friends,
This Zoom event is in response to World Conference Resolution 1317 which was passed at the 2019 World Conference.  The workshop is: “Speaking through the Silence: Addressing Issues of Domestic Violence”. The workshop offers four major areas of abuse: Child, Elder, and Intimate Partner Abuse and Sexual Abuse and Assault/Rape. Each topic covers causes, symptoms, recognition, treatment, outcomes, and resources. Participants choose two topics, one each for the morning and afternoon breakout sessions.
Register online at: HSW.HMACOFCHRIST.ORG or by mail to HMA, 1001 W Walnut, Independence MO 64050


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” – Mother Teresa
Community of Christ
Council of Twelve
Southeast USA Mission Field

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Please see HERE a list of the questions being  asked by pastors across the country as congregations are considering reopening. The majority of these questions have already been posed to me by some  of you but I thought it might be helpful for each of you to see all of them. Lancaster is the only congregation which has reopened in the mission center but I know some of you want to have some outdoor gatherings and this also addresses these.

We are reminded that some congregations who have already been reopened may, due to a significant increase in COVID 19 cases,  no longer meet the criteria to remain  open. This is also addressed in the attached. Each of you may have your own source of information to check and re-check the  trends in your area, but here’s  a possible tool you can use:

There are some additional guidelines for congregations that allow outside groups to use the building but as far as I know Middletown is the only congregtion who is hosting  such a group.  If you need it, let me know.

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In Person Congregational Gathering – documents

Here are the 4 Supporting Documents to assist in planning for in-person congregational gathering.

The only one which needs to be sent to MC President (Vern) is the four page Congregational Plan for Reopening.

Vern will also need to know who is responsible for keeping copies of the Cleaning and Sanitizing checklists and the Attendance/Participant Tracking rosters if not  the Facility Health Officer. These are to be kept on file as previously discussed.

Implementation Checklist Final

Cleaning Checklist Final

Participant Tracking Final

Plan for Reopening Final– send to Vern upon completion

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SPEC 2020 Cancelled




After much discussion and review of current public health data, the SPEC leadership team made the difficult decision to cancel SPECTACULAR 2020. Our SPEC community draws people of different ages and varying degrees of immuno-security from all over North America. As we thought about the SPEC experience—the way we live, eat, learn, play, and worship together—our ability to maintain the recommended physical distance of 6-10 feet and a coronavirus-free environment would be nearly impossible.

Questions about some kind of online experience for 2020 and allowing current seniors an additional year of eligibility in 2021 are still under discussion and more information will be shared when it is available.

We are heartbroken about not being able to gather this summer and will deeply miss this week of forming sacred community together. While we ache alongside all our campers and staff at the loss this means in all of our lives, we are confident that this is the most responsible choice for this time.

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CB Camps 2020 Cancelled

It is with regret that we have decided to cancel all Community of Christ summer camps at Camp Bountiful. This includes Junior Camp, Junior High Camp, Senior High Camp and Family Camp/Reunion.

The heart of our camping is gathering in community.  We gather at the shelter house, for classes, for meals and fellowship, around the Peace Patio, at the pool and an assortment of other activities. We are not able to have such gatherings and maintain any semblance of distancing and we have no way of making sleeping accommodations safe for everyone. 

We look forward to a vaccine for COVID-19 and the ability to gather with joy and safety in 2021.  

Anyone who has already sent a deposit for any of these camps will receive a refund.

Bountiful Blessings,

Connie Altman, Bountiful Mission Center

Vern Foster, Western Ohio Mission Center

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