CB Budget and WOMC AIP

Pastors and CFO’s:

As I mentioned in the previous message, I’m sending you the financial recaps for the last few years, plus the 2016 and 2017 budgets.

We also had some questions about camp usage, so I’m attaching a spreadsheet that shows the last 5 years and 2016 year to date info.  My estimate of 500 COC campers came from this sheet.  You can see we had over 600 in 2013 and 2014 then dropped to just under 500 in 2015.  Part this was from the fall retreats being snowed out.  Misc. income on this report includes United Nations of Ohio, family reunion weekends, etc.

Regarding the question on Sunday about how much of our income comes from non-COC sources, I have two answers.  Of our income that comes strictly from grounds rental, 66% comes from non COC rentals and 34% from Community of Christ.  If we add all sources of income from COC, including assessments and congregation contributions, 54% comes from non COC and 46% from COC.

Participants from the 21st meeting who have questions please advise.  For those attending the meeting this coming Sunday, please bring your questions to that gathering.

Also, we just got our fiscal year AIP report this week.  I had based the 2017 budget numbers I shared on Sunday on an AIP balance of $580K.  At the end of the fiscal year the number is $615K.  For those attending this coming Sunday I’ll explain in more detail. We lost $26.6K the first half of the FY, then gained $16.3K the second half.  We still lost $10.5K for the FY but the April-June quarter was all positive.

Twin Valley Baptist church only made 5 payments during the FY but the total was over $3K and while I think they are still in arrears overall, this FY was more positive. All Twin Valley payments go directly into our AIP.  (Twin Valley bought the Eaton church property and we are carrying the note on it.)



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