Community of Hope and Joy: Australia Fires Nov 12

Dear Saints,

Our hearts and country yearn for rain and calm. Amidst the preparation for the joys of summer in Australia, our people and our land are hurting. Some of the church’s earliest heartlands are burning with over 120 bushfires burning out of control, and our people and communities have been affected. There has been loss of life, loss of property, loss of lifestyle and these bushfires have impacted thousands of families in the coastal and hinterland regions of mid and northern New South Wales. Some of our members have been directly affected through loss of property. Our church buildings remain un-harmed; however the threat is not yet over with several in close proximity to fire fronts. Tuesday this week will see extreme conditions worsen with temperatures rise above 37 degrees Celsius and dangerous winds in the fire areas. Adding insult to injury, NSW is in its 8th year of drought, meaning the ground is dry and water resources are scarce.

Our prayers are with communities affected by fire and we stand ready to assist in the recovery effort. We pray for the safety of those fighting these fires, caring for those who are injured, and those left behind to pick up the pieces.

We call for hope, and we call for unity. May we each reach out to our friends and families who are affected, and may we open our hearts, homes and hands to those in need.


Ben Smith

Australia Mission Centre President

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