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WOMC Mission Center Conference: Oct 19 Beavercreek

Mission  Center conference will be held on Saturday, October 19 at Beavercreek Congregation, 860 Grangehall Road, Beavercreek OH. Guest ministry from Apostle Barbara Carter and Field Support Minister Carrie Welch, starting at 10:00 am.

10:00 – 12:15    Discussion with Barb and Carrie  – Sacraments as  a Source of  Spiritual  Growth and New Expressions of                     Ministry. Reading of Doctrine and Covenants 165 would be helpful prior to attending

12:30 – 1:45     Lunch

2:00                Business meeting: Sustaining of leadership, election of Camp Bountiful Board members, approval of                            2020 budget and spending plan and closing worship

Ending no later than 4:00pm.

Carrie will be preaching at Lancaster congregation on Sunday, Oct. 20 at 10:00 am

Barbara will be leading a discussion during the 9:30 church school hour and preaching at Shawnee at 10:45 am

All are welcome to attend either of these services.

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Church Email Scams

Pastors and CFO’s;

I just received an email from someone claiming to be a member of the
Atlanta congregation and I know it has been received by some others,as

I’ve been advised by Wim Van Klinken, who among other things is in
charge of cyber security for the church, of increasing phishing emails
being sent to people with church connections. Some have been more
sophisticated; for example, one has been circulating purported to be
from David Anderson, President of the High Priests Quorum. It looks very
official, other than it is not from a address.

Please be alert and double check before responding to anything that
appears to be from a church connection.



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Volunteers needed for camp meals

Dear Pastors,

              I still need some volunteers to help with meals for weekends of summer camps. I need help on the following dates:


June 9 – dinner (feeding 125)

June 15 – breakfast (feeding 125)

June 29 – breakfast ( feeding 60) I have 1 person for this, but will need more

July 13 – breakfast (feeding 60)

July 20 – breakfast (feeding 125) I have 2 people but will need at least 2 more

July 21 – dinner (feeding 40) I have 2 people but will need at least 2 more

July 27 – breakfast (feeding 40)

July 28 – dinner (feeding 125)

Aug. 3 – breakfast (feeding 125)

Aug. 10 – breakfast (feeding 230)

Aug. 31 – Sept. 2 Harmony Retreat – Jackson branch has volunteered, but will need help


Please ask your congregation if some of them can come help for a meal or two. You can work with another congregation if you need to. I would love to give our paid staff the weekends off if possible. Thanks for all you do to help keep Camp Bountiful going.


Bountiful Blessings,

Connie Altman

Bountiful Mission Center President


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CB Service Camp: May 11-17

Pastors, Communications contacts and CFO’s:

We’ve been posting the event but below is the actual list  of work needing to be done during work week May 11-17. Please let members and friends know in case there are particular items folks might be interested in  doing.



I am loving this wonderful weather. I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy it too. I wanted to email a list of things we are going to try to work on during Service Camp. This way people can come prepared with tools, clothing, etc., that might help in the process. Please announce and post this list if possible. Service Camp is May 11-17th.  Thanks for all your help!


Move an air conditioner out of Cabin 3 and a new one into it.

Clean all cabins

Split logs

Finish putting up RFP paneling in kitchen

Put down flooring in staff bedroom

Open and clean bathhouses

Paint Rest Room stall doors (youth have signed up to do this)

Pick up large sticks in Blue Ash, mow and weed eat it

Build a 9 square game

Clean out the Sports room

Fix a hole in the wall in the 4-plex bathroom

Put down new linoleum in the guest minister side RR in 4-plex

Weed Peace Patio

Trim low hanging tree limbs


Weed Eat

Clean refrigerators/walk-ins

Finish putting rails on beds

Repair/replace gable ends on old bath house


Bountiful Blessings,

Connie Altman

Bountiful Mission Center President


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REUNION 2019 Information

Pastors, Communications, CFO’s:

Attached is the 2019 Reunion Registration form.  Please distribute to your congregation.  It will  also be posted  on the Camp Bountiful website.




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LEADS Syllabus May 2019 Classes

Pastors and Communications contacts:

I don’t know if any of you or anyone from your congregations are attending this class on May 3&4 at  Camp Bountiful but here is the syllabus for the weekend.

There  is still  room to register with Connie Altman.

LEADS Syllabus 2019



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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Cooking for Camp Signup 2019

Pastors and Communications contacts:

Please note Connie’s request below.

Once again, I am looking for volunteers to work in the kitchen so I can give the staff the weekends off this summer. Please let me know when you would be able to come volunteer for some of these meals. You can also ask around for other helpers too.


Love and peace,


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Additional information Pastor/CFO meetings

I’ve received some questions and comments from my previous emails, so
here’s a bit more information.

We don’t necessarily need to cease work on any pending capital
projects.  For  example, we were already planning for a new roof on the
CB lodge and we’re still proceeding with permission to do this. We’re
also planning a new handicap accessible family bathroom at camp and we
will work on getting approval for this, too. Your congregation can still
go through this process, as well.

We are still bound by the “Process for A Church-Wide Pause on Capital
Projects” policy, which has been in effect for at least a year or more
and has been discussed at our Pastor meetings. You can read this process
by going to the website and
under Resources click on Process for Pause…

Also, don’t forget the necessity of obtaining  proper insurance
certification for any projects in advance of approval. The policy may
be accessed at

I’d like to correct a statement I made on my email,  where I stated that
all …MCFOs prior to Gary were covered by the church retirement plan.
Kirk Cross was primarily a volunteer when he served in this  capacity
and he is not receiving any retirement from the church.

Finally, please check the church website for Steve Veazey’s sermon at
the closing service of world conference.  He provides some Words of
Counsel at the conclusion of his sermon for the benefit of the church.



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Bridge of Hope Plan

A few concerns were raised  by my previous email so I thought I would
provide  a short summary of my understanding of the Bridge of Hope plan
to fund the church retirement plan.  It’s hard to crowd a hour long
discussion into two pages but I hope this gives you some additional

“Bridge of Hope Talking Points”

You may decide the attached is sufficient and we don’t need further
meetings.  I’ll keep the dates scheduled but will recheck with you a
couple of weeks before the meetings to determine your interest.

Also, we had delegates from Beavercreek, Cincinnati, Grove City,
Middletown, Reynoldsburg, Shawnee and Worthington congregations, so if
you could check with them if you want to double  check what I’ve said.
As I said before, I don’t have any inside information from the other
delegates other than having sat through the presentation more times.



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Upcoming Pastors, CFO meetings May 19 & June 2

Pastors and CFO’S:

World Conference concluded Saturday morning and there are some items that generated a great deal of feedback, to the point I would like to invite you to one of the above meetings for further discussion.

A plan was presented to address the shortfall in the World Church Retirement Fund which generated immediate feedback.

I’d like to get together to talk it over so you are prepared for questions you may receive .  Many of you were in attendance at conference. I  don’t have any new information from what was shared except I  went through two additional discussions.  All three I attended were identical so the only difference was in the questions raised.  If those  who attended conference would  like  to attend to add their perspective it would  be welcome. The decisions made will likely have some impact on nearly every congregation in the mission center.

In  addition the the retirement funding, I’ll share some information on Priesthood Release and Lord’s Supper discussions from conference.

The first  meeting will be Sunday, May 19, at 3:00pm at Shawnee congregation.

Westerville will be the second site on June 2 at 3:00pm.



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