Reunion 2016

Greetings, pastors and communications contacts:

I’m happy to report that Apostle Rick Maupin (and perhaps Diane) will be our guest minister(s) for reunion, June 25-July 1, 2016.  I first met Rick when he was Mission Center President of the Heart of Texas Mission Center and I’m looking forward to his ministry once again.  Due to the World Church Finance Board meeting on June 25-26, Rick will be unable to join us until Sunday night or Monday morning.  Our Sunday morning guest minister will be Craig Martens.

We already have a baptism service scheduled for Sunday evening, so please advise me if you have anyone desiring to be baptized at camp that day.

Don’t forget we will have the Camp Bountiful Association meeting on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 and lunch on Sunday is free for all in attendance.


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