Camp Bountiful Resolution

Pastors, CFO’s & Communications contacts:

You have already been advised of the CB Association meeting to be held at 3:00 on Sunday, June 26, at camp.  There will be a resolution brought to the association concerning the sale of trees at camp, so compliant with the camp bylaws regarding the sale of land or resources, this is a notification to that effect.

T&D Properties owns 40 acres, approximately across the creek from the pool, and they advised us last year of their intent to seletively log off that property.  At our 2015 Association meeting we gave them authorization to cross our property to cut and remove logs from their property.

T&D has offered to select cut some of the trees on the 80 acres the camp owns on the south side of the creek.  They walked the property with Doug Altman and Mark DiSantis and pointed out several trees with tops that are dying and other, smaller trees that are rotting due to lack of sunlight reaching them.  Removal of the larger trees would enable the smaller ones to become healthier.

They have offered us $52,800 for these trees, with the understanding they would harvest only after camps have ended this summer, they will cut nothing within 50 feet of the creek and they would clean up all debris before departing.

Please advise your congregations of this meeting.  The camp board has not made any decision on the use of the funds if the Association approves the sale.  I had previously advised you that we are seeking ways to increase our revenue by $25K per year and are working on a budget for 2017 which would achieve this.  However, it’s my personal belief that if this resolution is approved the funds should be used to increase our reserves, as we have been dipping into them over the last few years. We would still submit a budget proposal that calls for increased income from camp use fees, congregational increased giving and mission center contributions.

Bountiful blessings,


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