Church History and Sacred Story Team Named

New Team Includes Three World Church Historians

History is alive and well, valued, and continues to play a critical role in the life of the church, said Apostle Lachlan Mackay, leader of a newly formed history team.
The Church History and Sacred Story Team, chartered by Community of Christ President Stephen M. Veazey, has three volunteer historians.
They are David Howlett of Saratoga Springs, New York; Barbara Walden of Hartford, Connecticut; and Ron Romig of Independence, Missouri.
The goal of the team will be to engage the church in exploring its sacred story in responsible ways that inform and encourage its mission, Mackay said.
Walden holds a master of arts in museum studies and is executive director of the church Historic Sites Foundation. Romig is past president of both the John Whitmer and Mormon History associations. Howlett has a religious studies doctorate from the University of Iowa.
Other members of the team include Peter Judd of Kansas City, Missouri; Rachel Killebrew of Independence; and John-Charles Duffy of Oxford, Ohio.
The team will write articles for the Herald magazine and the international church website, encourage exploration of international history, and produce reports for the First Presidency. The team can be reached at

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