Community of Hope & Joy: Update from the Philippines

Pastors and Communications contacts:  Please note the prayer request for the situation below.  Before the typhoon hit, we had word that if the crops were destroyed it would be devastating to the well being of the people.  That appears to be the case in at least one of the areas.


From: Kris Judd
Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2018 7:21 PM
To: Kris Judd
Subject: Community of Hope and Joy: Update from Philippines

From Apostle Rick Maupin“I was just on the phone (Saturday night USA) with two staff members in the Philippines.  They have not yet been able to do a complete survey of the damage from the recent typhoon.  They have had contact with many of our members and there has not been any reports of personal injuries.  Our northern most congregation, Baggao, was in the direct path of the typhoon’s eye.    Communication has been difficult in and out of that area, but we did hear all members of the Baggao congregation are physically OK.  However, we are getting reports there is significant damage to many structures and all crops.  Currently some roads and bridges are closed in that area.  Some of our staff we will be traveling to Baggao as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our members in the Philippines have expressed their thanks for the prayers from our community around the around the world.”

May we continue to uphold our brothers and sisters in the Philippines as well as in the US whose lives are impacted by typhoons, hurricanes, and floods. 


Kris Judd

Staff Pastor

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