Daily Bread Apr. 23

Seeds of Hope
By Vera Entwistle of Eugene, OR, USA

How blessed are they! For they published peace; they published glad tidings of good! And they declared to the people that the Lord reigns. —Mosiah 11:207 Book of Mormon, RAV

We have a garden in our condominium courtyard, planted by the previous owner. At first, the garden appeared a little drab, and we began to make plans for improvements. Before we could finish our plans, it seemed every day we found something new growing there that we did not plant.

We could tell there were rose bushes, but we did not know what color they were until slowly the buds began to open. One morning we found beautiful yellow roses had opened during the night. The sight was glorious!

Over the next few weeks deep red, pale pink, and bright orange roses opened their faces to the sun—each one a delight. In contrast, scattered among the roses were bright white daisies. I called our real estate agent and asked for a forwarding address for the previous owner. I wanted to write and thank her for the daily pleasure her planting had given us.

As I gazed at the garden, I remembered a sermon I heard many years ago. The speaker told how at times we may allow discouragement to grow, not knowing if the seeds we planted had bloomed. Even without knowing, we should continue to bear our testimonies of God’s love and compassion. I think there is a lesson here for me.

Prayer for Peace

As we gaze at earthly gardens, God, may we realize the gift you have given us to care for. May we patiently wait for seeds to germinate and buds to bloom. May we share what springs up as we share our story of Christ’s peace. 

Spiritual Practice: Trees

Watch the trees outside your window for a few moments. Close your eyes and meditate on Alma’s words about seeds and trees. If you were to plant and grow the Word of God in your heart, what tree might symbolically represent this process? Imagine a seed as it grows into a tree of life and blessing. Ask God to show you how to begin (see Alma 16:152–173).

Peace Covenant

Today, God, I will not hesitate to plant seeds, just because I may not see results. I will be a faithful, vibrant witness, trusting in Christ’s mission.

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