Daily Bread Dec. 7

May We Wait for You
By Shandra Newcom of Boulder, CO, USA

And again, I say unto you, Sue for peace, not only the people that have smitten you, but also to all people; and lift up an ensign of peace, and make a proclamation for peace unto the ends of the earth;  —Doctrine and Covenants 102:11a–b

God of the next, the waiting, the promise:

We humbly come to you and we bring all our stuff;
all our things and fears, our belongings and questions,
all our purchases and uncertainties—that which is tangible
and that which is intangible—and we bring it in hope.

We hope we can live patiently in this Advent time.
We hope we can be set free from that which holds us.
We hope we can remember that this is a community,
yours, that must make the journey together.

We confess that too often we insist on making it alone.
Remind us of our interdependence.
Grant us patience to live in encounter
and to trust in your slow work.

We hope we can take time to hear stories.
We hope we can stop and learn and listen.
We hope we can sit quietly,
long enough to know that you are here

And that you are being born again in this season.
May the cycle of Advent be a spiral
that leads us to the light of the world.
And may we wait, wait for you, Divine Love.


Advent Prayer Phrase

Anticipation deepens within.

Invitation to Spiritual Practice

Spend a few moments dwelling in God’s presence. Pay attention to where your heart feels drawn into prayer. What words, images, or themes in this story lead you to reflect on your own faith journey? What is God’s invitation to you this day?

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