Daily Bread July 3

Sent on Christ’s Mission
By Keith McMillan of Independence, MO, USA

After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go. …Go on your way. See, I am sending you out like lambs into the midst of wolves. …Whatever house you enter, first say, “Peace to this house!” —Luke 10:1, 3, 5 NRSV

A few years ago I went to Ukraine with the mission center president. We traveled for three weeks to some difficult places, checking on congregations and visiting people. It was one of the most exhausting and yet powerful trips I’ve had.

We met in people’s homes and congregation meeting places, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with members and friends of Community of Christ. Toward the end of our journey, we were to meet some church members and friends in Kiev, Ukraine. The dangerous time and place made us aware of many security issues that put us at risk. But we felt secure that we were on Christ’s mission of shalom as witnessed in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 10.

In Kiev we invited eight members, who had not been able to attend for some time, to come to dinner and companionship at the church. It was a simple act of generosity and a desire to reconnect. As they arrived, the only woman in the group came into the church quietly and in obvious pain. I sought her right away and asked what was wrong.

She showed me her arm, which had been broken some time before. It had not healed. She did not have access to even basic health care because of the current condition in her country. She was suffering great pain, yet she had journeyed into the darkness on public transport and then walked several miles to get to her church.

She was determined to return to the church that had meant so much to her in the past. After several hours of listening to the men talk, I finally asked her if the church could help.

She replied, “Please don’t lose me again. My life was so much better when I found Christ through this church, and I don’t want him to lose me again.” We sat through the deep and intense silence that followed. Despite her pain, her greater need was to be with Christ.

This little church, this community of Christ, helps transform people’s lives around the world. We are all are called to Christ’s mission no matter where we live. When we do it for the least of these, we are on Christ’s mission.

Prayer for Peace

Compassionate God, we hear the call to share Christ’s peace. We hear the yearnings of people who long to be near you. Bless us to be witnesses for that connection.

Spiritual Practice: Honoring God’s Call in My Life

Reflect on God’s call in your life. Begin by prayerfully asking to recall particular moments when you have experienced God’s presence and invitation to share your gifts. When has God seemed most real in your life? When have you felt disconnected or resistant to God’s call? Reflect on what you did or might do to become reconnected to God. Write in your journal or reflect on how you can develop and share your gifts with others.

Peace Covenant

Today, God, I will expand my part in Christ’s mission of peace.

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