Daily Bread Nov. 14

Namaste: It Is Enough
By John Bonney of Springfield, OR, USA

For I am about to create new heavens and a new earth; the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind. —Isaiah 65:17 NRSV

I love to see the bird life throughout the seasons of the year—despite my poor eyesight. This morning as I was walking, I saw five black vultures sailing in the sky above, catching the rising thermals as those lifting heat sources developed.

Then I imagine further, and further yet, and I see creation, the grandly wonderful scale of creating which takes place all around us all the time. Not just the birds in front of me, not just the plants or the movements of air. I sense the depth and breadth of the source of all—that which I call the Basis of Being. I imagine the continuing expansion of stars and galaxies, of novae and supernovae. I see universes and galaxies coming into being, and stars and planets and all marvels of the creative presence.

I am overwhelmed with the immensity of that presence. I don’t know how to identify it or what to call it. It is merely there and I do not need to personify it. It is simply the Source. It is expressed in you and the birds in whom I find identity, and in all kinds of earthly flora and fauna. It is in the grand mountains and the trees that clap their hands.

It is in every wonderful iota of life and non-life on this small planet, as well as all other planets and conditions and messages of nobility and worth. And I know that each of you is a message of brilliance and worth. Without seeing you, I know you are there. My heart goes out and I sense the namaste spirit which not only dwells in you but is you. It is enough.

Prayer for Peace

Source of all Being, when we are aware of nature, it is easy to see you. Help us be aware of you when we are with your human creation. When we oppose the views of others, we are opposing part of you. When we feel threatened by strange ideas, it is still part of you we fear. Help us respond to the familiar you. Help us love as you love. Help us respond with peace.

Spiritual Practice

Choose a way to notice, give thanks, and care for God’s sacred creation. Prayerfully consider one of the following practices or create your own. Walk in nature with a spirit of gratitude. Look and listen for God in all Creation. Learn about and engage in an act of Earth-keeping such as recycling, simple living, or fasting from over-consumption of resources. Notice the diversity of the planet’s creatures and be gentle to plants, animals, trees, and people. Fall in love with the vast, intricate wonder of God’s creation and give thanks.

Peace Covenant

Today, God, if faced with confrontation, I will have an open mind and make a non-violent response.

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