Daily Bread November 23

Katie Harmon-McLaughlin of Independence, MO, USA

The Spirit of the One you follow is the spirit of love and peace. That Spirit  seeks to abide in the hearts of those who would embrace its call and live its message. The path will not always be easy, the choices will not always be clear, but the cause is sure and the Spirit will bear witness to the truth, and those who live the truth will know the hope and the joy of discipleship in the community of Christ. Amen. -Doctrine and Covenants161:7

It has been a while since I have lived with seasons. Settling into our new Missouri home, I am learning the rhythms of a new landscape. I delighted in the transition from winter to the first buds of spring. Living in a new yard, each day green shoots of unknown plants and flowers would emerge from the thawing ground. In a yard that appeared desolate and dreary at the end of winter when we arrived, we soon discovered a vibrant rose bush, a family of hostas circling the oak tree, peonies and lilies blooming along the stairs.

Now that fall has arrived, the landscape is shifting again. What was once thriving and brimming with life will be dormant. Buds of promise give way to crisp red leaves crunching underfoot, decaying into soil for the long rest of winter. The seasons are a constant spiritual guide. They remind me that life moves in cycles and that each season brings gifts that are necessary for the health of the whole.

The seasons mirror our spiritual lives-drawing our attention to cycles of soul-budding potential, thriving abundance, letting go, dormant resting, and hope of renewal. As winter arrives, I know that I will soon be longing for spring, but I also anticipate the first snowfall, warm cups of tea, and growing darkness to encompass the days with the promise of deeper rest.

This is a lesson that never wears out. It is wisdom enduring. I find hope in the steadfast assurance of creation’s deep patterns.

Prayer Phrase

My ordinary life is a sacred place.

Spiritual Practice

Sacramental Living

“…our everyday ordinary lives are also sacred places, or put another way, the sacred place of our living. As dwellers within the Sacredness of Creation, there is potential to be aware and appreciate the holy within the ordinary. You may remember times when it felt like you were seeing the world through God’s eyes. That’s a good description for what it means to live sacramentally-to sense divine Spirit amid daily activities.” -Jane M. Gardner, “Sacramental Living,” September/October 2019 Herald, p. 5

How are you invited to live sacramentally today?

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