Daily Bread September 15

Spiral’s Center
Meggan Molgard of Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Do not be discouraged. You have not been promised an easy path, but you have been assured that the Spirit that calls you will also accompany you. That Spirit is even now touching alive the souls of those who feel the passion of discipleship burning deeply within. Many others will respond if you are persistent in your witness and diligent in your mission to the world. -Doctrine and Covenants 162:3a-b

And here I stand at the spiral’s center,
An arrival anticipated and yet I was not fully prepared
For the awe and wonder I feel
As I gaze over the canyon landscape,
My toes just daring to peer over the ledge.
The rushing waters below call to me,
Their winds whistling through the gorge
A melody so familiar
That I think perhaps it was the song that called me into being.
They whisper with a force powerful enough to carve stone,
“Remember, and join the song.”
A feather of wind dances up from the canyon
Just far enough to join the dust
In a swirling waltz between my toes.
“Come,” they whisper with laughter,
“Come and spiral onward.”
I stretch out my toes beyond the ledge,
Reaching for the next step
When a wind from behind whispers in my ear:
“You could stumble. You could fall.
Can you really trust this call?
Winds and water can be dangerous, you know.”
Thin tendrils wrap around my wrists,
Tugging me back, away from the edge.
In this moment of fear, my companion takes my hand.
I look up into her eyes and she smiles with the sun.
“Come on,” she laughs.
“The waters are waiting.”

Prayer Phrase

“…all things in God and God in all things” (Mechthild of Magdeburg).

Spiritual Practice

Reflecting on Presence

Breathe deeply and become present to the Presence with you here and now. Take a few moments in the silence to reflect prayerfully on the following questions:

Where have you been aware of God’s presence in your life?
What is God’s invitation to you in this story?
How do you desire to be more open to God’s presence and invitation tomorrow?

Today’s Prayer for Peace

Engage in a daily practice of praying for peace in our world. Click here to read today’s prayer and be part of this practice of peace.

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