Daily Operation Changes

To USA field staff:

Community of Christ International Headquarters is dedicated to providing helpful services for worldwide ministries staff. Recent staff and expense reductions have led to changes in daily operations. Please share these with leaders and members in your field as appropriate. Another communication will be sent when schedules or processes are updated.


Community of Christ Temple

  • Through May 1, the Temple will be open to the public:
    Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
  • Museum tours are by appointment or with available tour guide only. Schedule tours at (816) 833-1000, ext. 2030 or 3030.
  • Library and Archives are private.

o   Students and scholars can request appointments to conduct research:
www.CofChrist.org/visit-library-and-archives; rkillebrew@CofChrist.org

o   There will be open library hours during World Conference.

  • Book store is closed.

Community of Christ Auditorium

  • Closed to the public.
  • Children’s Peace Pavilion (housed in Auditorium) access will still be arranged at the Auditorium west entrance by phone or intercom: www.CofC3.org/kidpeace; (816) 521-3033.

Herald House

  • Temple Book Store is closed.
  • Orders can be placed by

o   e-mail: sales@HeraldHouse.org

o   online: www.HeraldHouse.org

o   voicemail: (800) 767-8181 or (816) 521-3015

  • Paid orders may be picked up at the Temple visitor desk.

Daily Prayer for Peace

  • Through May 1, all are invited to participate in the Temple Sanctuary Sunday–Friday at 1:00 p.m.
  • Although the building will be closed Saturdays, the prayer will still be said from the Temple at 1:00 p.m.
  • Please continue to participate in the Daily Prayer for Peace every day from wherever you are.

Organ Recitals

  • Next recital in the Dome & Spire series will be April 17 at 3:00 p.m. in the Auditorium with organist Jonathan Dimmock.
  • Through May 1, Sunday organ recitals will be offered in the Temple at 3:00 p.m. (Auditorium on April 17.)

Herald Magazine

  • Moving to bi-monthly publication beginning with the July/August issue.

MEADS (Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies)

  • Discontinued in Independence, Missouri.
  • Canada and International programs will continue under field leadership.

Fiscal Services

Shelby Assistance

  • Shelby Help Desk will be available by e-mail (ShelbyHelpDesk@CofChrist.org) and voicemail as soon as that system can be set up. Please allow up to 72-hour response time. Connectivity issues will be directed to Technology Support.

Disbursement of Funds

  • All payments to congregations, mission centers, campgrounds, affiliates, and any new charitable remainder trusts or gift annuities will be paid by electronic fund transfer (EFT).

Collection of Funds

  • All amounts due from congregations, mission centers, campgrounds, and affiliates will be pulled electronically, including payroll, health payments, web services, house of worship loan payments, and risk allocations.

Ministerial Reimbursement Request (MR)

  • Ministerial reimbursement requests must be entered through the Citrix online entry system. Paper or Excel formats will not be accepted after June 30.
  • All recurring individual expense reimbursements will go through the MR system, effective with month ending July 31, 2016.

Disbursement of Funds

  • A properly completed disbursement request (formerly a check request) will need to be sent to disbursements@CofChrist.org. (This e-mail address is in the process of being set up.)
  • A revised form will be available by July 1. Until then, use current form, available from Krista Mallas.
  • Properly completed forms received by noon (central time) Wednesday will be processed that week.
  • Checks are run once a week on Thursday.
  • Electronic fund transfers are done once a week on Friday.

Wire Transfers

  • Wire transfers (other than multi-nations payroll) are done the 15th and 30th each month.
  • A properly completed disbursement form, including necessary banking information, will need to be received at disbursement@CofChrist.org by the 13th for disbursement on the 15th or by the 28th for disbursement on the 30th.

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