First Presidency Letter

March 13, 2020

Dear friends,
Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Uncertainty around how the coronavirus COVID‐19 will impact our lives in the days ahead is causing
anxiety and fear for many. Times such as this renew our awareness and deep gratitude for the strength
and comfort resident in the rich connections of our faith community. None of us walk alone.
We are working closely with mission center officers to monitor the situation and provide the best
support and guidance we can as things unfold. We will continue to direct members and leaders to
reputable sources that provide accurate, up‐to‐date information (see Community of Christ official
statement: COVID‐19 and the Church). Additionally, it is important to consult local and state authorities
as area‐specific directives can change daily.
As the current health situation unfolds across the United States, we realize that local leaders will need to
take action that limits opportunities to gather together in community. Even as we experience this as a
loss, it opens a sacred opportunity to explore new ways of being the church together in the face of what
can seem an overwhelming and isolating reality. Members are already identifying ways to connect that
will protect the health and well‐being of those most vulnerable among us.
We will be collaborating with mission center leaders to identify and create additional opportunities to
connect with one another through the multiple avenues of technology available. This is the time to
explore “all the surprising ways that Christ‐inspired community weaves diverse people together as
expressions of the gospel of peace.” (Stephen M. Veazey, World Conference Closing Sermon, April 13,
We know the coming weeks will be challenging. We invite you to join us in holding one another and our
neighbors across the globe in prayer. Let us trust in the Spirit that provides assurance for today and
hope for tomorrow.
In the peace of Jesus Christ,
USA Apostles

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