Mission Stories Needed/Haiti/GoFundMission/TSCourse

Pastors and Communications contacts:

I’m assuming you have all received the request for funds for Haiti Hurricane relief either directly or from Gary Waggoner, in which we were advised that we have 12 congregations in Haiti and 11 were destroyed.  What you might not know that Haiti is one of the four largest mission centers in the church with membership of slightly over 11,000.  Only Central USA, Michigan and Congo MC are larger.

You have already received the new mission funding tool, Go Fund Mission, along with instructions on how to request funding for a project.  It’s my understanding that some people are planning to do a Camp Bountiful project in the next few months.  Let me know if you would like any assistance in funding a local project.

We will offer the Temple School course, Introduction to Priesthood Ministry (MP300) in Reynoldsburg on Saturday, January 7, from 8am to 5 pm. This is a requirement for ordination, but is also a good class for anyone who is interested in knowing more about priesthood in general.  Anyone interested in the course should register with me.

I’ve included the information you have already received regarding Mission stories.  I know we have congregations that are engaged in ministries which would make good stories to share – YPC, youth activities, community ministries, etc. – so if you can write something it would be appreciated.

Mission Center Conference will be November 12 at Beavercreek.  I’ll send out a separate email with full details very soon. We’ll have a class on Invite People to Christ and Hospitality in the morning and conference and worship in the afternoon.



To Mission Center Presidents and Financial Officers in Australia, British Isles, Canada, and USA


Dear Mission Center Leader,

I am writing for two reasons. First, I want to express my appreciation for your faithful ministry. Together we answer the daily call to follow the Living Christ, pursuing his mission—our mission—throughout the world. Thank you for the many ways you answer that call.

Second, disciples and seekers want to read/hear/see how Christ’s mission is being made real in people’s lives through the ministry of you and your congregation. These stories are a source of ideas, inspiration, and motivation to disciples and priesthood in all types of communities.

Please take a moment to 1) share at least one story that illustrates one or more of our Mission Initiatives or Enduring Principles; 2) pass this message on to leaders in your mission center and encourage them to respond as well. Stories can be brief or long (about 170–520 words). Pair that with engaging photos and you will help people connect with the story and catch a vision for their community as well.

The Communications Team looks forward to sharing your stories of how Community of Christ is moving Christ’s mission forward! Please respond by November 1.

Send stories and questions to Communications@CofChrist.org so we can consider them for Herald magazine, mission stories on www.CofChrist.org, the Daily Bread blog, and more. Thank you for living Christ’s mission and for sharing stories to inspire others.

In the Peace of Christ,

Apostle Linda Booth
Director of Communications

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