SPEC 2020 Cancelled




After much discussion and review of current public health data, the SPEC leadership team made the difficult decision to cancel SPECTACULAR 2020. Our SPEC community draws people of different ages and varying degrees of immuno-security from all over North America. As we thought about the SPEC experience—the way we live, eat, learn, play, and worship together—our ability to maintain the recommended physical distance of 6-10 feet and a coronavirus-free environment would be nearly impossible.

Questions about some kind of online experience for 2020 and allowing current seniors an additional year of eligibility in 2021 are still under discussion and more information will be shared when it is available.

We are heartbroken about not being able to gather this summer and will deeply miss this week of forming sacred community together. While we ache alongside all our campers and staff at the loss this means in all of our lives, we are confident that this is the most responsible choice for this time.

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