Year-End Challenge


As the holiday season nears and our largest contribution months approach, we would like to share with you a giving challenge issued by Mark Euritt, bishop of generosity for multi-nations; David Nii, bishop of the United States; and Dar Shepherdson, bishop of Canada. This challenge will appear in the December Herald.


Last year in an amazing outpouring of generosity, members and friends of Community of Christ gave $1.9M in worldwide mission tithes in the month of December. World Church leaders were grateful for this wonderful blessing which provided insights on our capacity as a community to share when we are focused on our opportunities for mission.

Can we exceed that number this year? We believe the answer is yes. And so we challenge you to give again what you gave last year in December and prayerfully consider giving even a small amount more. If each contributor were to give just $10 more than last year, and if new contributors joined the effort, that could make the total for December 2015 more than $2M! What an incredible blessing that would be as we seek to restore and grow ministries around the world. Will you accept the challenge?

We hope that you will take the opportunity in the next couple of weeks to forward this important message to pastors and CFOs. In addition, if you have opportunity to share this challenge in other ways in your mission center, we hope you will do so. Thank you for helping to spread the word and build enthusiasm. We’re excited to see how the church responds.

~The Presiding Bishopric

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