Camp Bountiful Kitchen wishlist

During our recent Work Week at Camp Bountiful, the kitchen was emptied and processes are in place for new flooring coverage.
As the kitchen was begin emptied, so too were all of the existing cabinets. The cabinets were found to be in very poor condition. Many of the shelves are fragile and disintegrating. At this time, it does not appear they will be able to be reinforced enough to hold up and be returned to the kitchen.
For that reason, stainless steel tables are currently being investigated as replacements. After much deliberation and realizing the inadequacies of our wooden furnishings, it is a desire to refurbish the kitchen with durable stainless steel tables that would offer many years of resilience.
To this end, we are once again approaching our Camp Bountiful Friends and Families to assist in this endeavor.

CLICK HERE TO SEE an outline of what we need and the approximate cost for each item (upon visiting the warehouse we found that we need stronger steel than these listed and the cost will be more, but not a lot more).

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