Daily Bread Nov. 5

Welcome to the Table of Peace
By Ron Faust of Kansas City, MO, USA

Explore all the ways the Lord’s Supper can spiritually form the church community into a true and living expression of the life, sacrifice, resurrection, and continuing presence of Christ. Inherent in this sacrament is the divine call for the church to be a sacramental offering for the blessing, healing, and peace of creation. —Doctrine and Covenants 164:4c

The Eucharist is central
to the worship experience
of many churches
where all are welcome

all are equal,
all are included
all are poor in spirit
all are accepted

So what do we do about those

who differ in values
who justify war
who bring their pistols
who exclude the immigrant
who look down on the poor
who are strict legalists
 What do we say?

You are welcome,
but please, hurry

and drink in the values

from a cup of openness

and eat the bread of justice.
Transform hate to love

as well as without

Come in peace

Prayer for Peace

Covenant God, may we invite all to the table without reservation, without hesitation. When we next fall down on our knees, may it be the beginning of peace.

Spiritual Practice

Imagine or write a journal description of a banquet for your congregation and community. Envision rich sharing among diverse groups as people plan, cook, eat, share stories, sing, or pray together. Prayerfully consider this question, “Is there a way for me to transform this vision into a real event?” What does the table ministry of Jesus look like in your personal and congregational life?

Peace Covenant

Tomorrow, God, I will not fulfill a habitual ritual, but rather, I will deeply consider the sacrament.

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