New Envelope Billing Process

Western Ohio Mission Center:  I never know if this information has already been received by you or not.  Here it is in case you haven’t seen it yet.




We want to provide you some information about our new envelope billing process:

  • Effective July 2016, congregations will be responsible for the cost of monthly offering envelopes.
  • The cost of the envelopes is 45¢ per packet.
  • Congregations control who receives envelopes and can add or remove people at any time by checking or unchecking the “Include on Envelope Diskette” box in Shelby. (See instructions.)
  • The mailing list for offering envelopes is uploaded from Shelby two months in advance, so we will upload your list each month, bill your congregation in advance for envelopes delivered for the next month. For example, we will bill in July for the August envelopes.
  • Envelope billings will be withdrawn directly from your congregation’s bank account once each month, similar to the Herald-in-Every-Home billing.
  • If you have questions, please e-mail or call (816) 833-1000 ext. 1391.

Thank you for the work you do in support of Christ’s mission.

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